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Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review – Honest Review

Razer Ouroboros is a high-end flagship gaming mouse which aims to provide ultimate gaming experience to left-handed gamers. Having a modular design, this mouse is designed for customization which is a gaming need nowadays.

The market is saturated with gaming mice and it is getting harder for newer companies to get a special place reserved for them. Razer, however, doesn’t face this problem because of its reputation as your final destination to all your gaming needs.

Razer also enjoys good fame in producing gaming laptops, mouse, keyboards, headset and other gaming accessories that come with distinctive features that every game would love to have. Same is true in this case. An interesting trivia at this point is that Razer started their business with a gaming mouse. Such a beautiful thing to know before starting reviewing Razer’s latest gaming mouse, the Razer Ouroboros.

Let’s do some quick overview at specification details.

Batteries 1 AA batteries required
Battery Type Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Weight 6.4 ounce
Sensor Technology Laser
Hardware Technology USB 1.0
DPI  8200
Dimension 3.7 x 4.82 x 1.54 in

Okay, that’s more than average to understand. From specification, it looks perfectly alright for the hardcore gamer. But is it really well at quality and comfort? Let’s check out.

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review


A few weeks ago, while reviewing ROG Spatha, I was thinking Asus is the only company who is focusing on weird yet interesting designs. It was like a small Transformer-like thing that looked very appealing at first sight.

But I was wrong. Razer has also put their steps into the field with Ouroboros which gives the look of the small space warship (Is there going to be Star Wars? Who knows?). Adjusting length can also give them a Batmobile look. These designs might look fancy on your desk but as per my personal observation, they aren’t best performing due to their size and weight.

There are four RGB lighting zones. One at the scroll wheel, another one below the DPI buttons and last two on both sides of the mouse. Viewing from the front, we have left and right clicks divided awkwardly by scroll wheel.

Space between two clicks looks weird, but let’s just consider it a design demand. Along with scroll wheel, there are two rings of RGB lighting that look really nice. It is actually the behavior of Razer’s products. I have been using Razer Man O War recently and it too exhibits the same lighting culture. Same can be found on keyboards too.

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review

Below the wheel, we have a pair of DPI buttons. DPI stands for dots per inch and these buttons mean to increase or decrease the speed of the pointer. Rival 700 featured only one DPI button but latest gaming mice come with a pair which gives quick control over the changing gaming scenario. Most games usually work well till 3000 DPI however Ouroboros took this limit to a new level and that is 8200 DPI.

Mouse length can be increased and decreased as per your own choice. You will need to loose the screws using a screwdriver and adjust the length. Upon increasing the length, you will see a slot which really isn’t a good point as per criteria of comfortability. I just couldn’t satisfy my hand resting on the surface. I think this is a good feature but Razer needs to work on this. Other than that, you can adjust trigger buttons too.

The mouse has a balanced structure. Both sides look the same and hold the same weight. In comparison to it, Asus ROG Spatha was inclined to the left due to a number of customizable keys. This is a relief point for lefties because not many companies are focusing on symmetrical design.

This design required edges and tips, so there are some of them which aren’t very entertaining. I don’t feel easy resting my palm due to them. Extreme gaming isn’t going to be fun with this one.

So there concludes our design review. I must say that eye-catching design isn’t a bad thing but compromising easiness isn’t a good way either.

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review


Hey, wait. Don’t make a decision already. The design might be a flaw but this mouse has maximum gaming output in terms of performance too. Talking about customization, we have a total of 12 customizable buttons which can be personalized for the enhanced gaming experience. You can create profiles and assign different commands thanks to these buttons.

Then we have support for Synapse software which is used for customization. Every mouse comes with software and Razer has synapse for it. Interestingly, if you have other Razor products such as keyboards and headset, you can also sync their lightings using this software.

I have used it with the Man O War and it really looks fantastic. Games do have an obsession with RGB lightings.

Thanks to the laser sensor, this mice works very well wirelessly.

Although, the wired version is also available but we games do prefer wireless mice. As per gaming needs, you can adjust DPI between 100 and 8200 (a broad range). Just keep in mind, don’t lift mouse of the pad because it won’t be working very well with that. That might be sensor fault but anyways…

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review


Why should you buy this mouse? Performance is the reason. I have used this mouse playing Gears of Wars 4 and GTA V. Ouroboros went well with both of them.


Thanks, to its programmable button and custom profiles, you can feel the ease of gaming. Playing aggressively isn’t recommend because of the shape as it will make your hand tired. Other than that, DPI buttons performed very well.

It is meant to be the customizable mouse and it is good at it. Design although needs improvement.

Also, it is a flagship device but Razer has lowered its price for the good. This isn’t the best gaming mouse in the market but it is one step forward towards innovation. So if you are willing to pay some extra bucks with above-average gaming experience, you are good to go with it.


Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse

Batteries: 1 AA batteries required Battery Type: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Connectivity Technology: Wireless Weight: 6.4 ounce Sensor Technology: Laser Hardware Technology: USB 1.0 DPI: 8200 Dimension: 3.7 x 4.82 x 1.54 in

Customization Options


Battery life




Overall Quality



  • Remarkably adjustable
  • Lightning-quick response time
  • Undeniably no information slack when utilized without a wire
  • Decent battery life
  • Double sensors furnish you with incomparable precision in most exceptional gaming sessions
  • Can be utilized remotely, and wired


  • Can be somewhat convoluted to learn
  • Only comes in Razer Green
  • Premium pricing
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