How to Screen Share on Discord – Discord Screen Share Guide

How to Screen Share on Discord – Discord Screen Share Guide

Looking for How to Screen Share on Discord? Well, recently I discovered Discord Screen share feature when I wanted to share my computer screen with one of my web development clients. Most of the time, I use skype to do my online meetings with clients (or to share screen) but last week I was having some issues while sharing my screen on skype. I had heard a lot about “how to share screen on discord” so I thought why not give it a try?

And from now on, I only use Discord Screen Share option for all of my online meetings and there are many reasons for that, for example,

  • Better voice quality on Discord as compared to Skype screen sharing.
  • Options to whether share your entire screen or specific application/game window.
  • Options for personalized screen video/stream quality (480p-720p-1080p).
  • Personalized frame rate (15,30 and 60).
Don’t forget to turn off streamer mode so that other random people can not join your personal friends-only server.

Since Discord majorly targets gamers, so their unique server feature comes handy over there. Meaning every time you call someone or share a screen on Discord, you are allocated to a server. So that other users can join your call, without you having to leave your game. (This feature comes handy especially for gamers to show off their gaming skills).

Back to the unique server topic, so this way, other members on Discord can also see your gaming skills in real-time.

No need to invite them.

That is called drop-in call. You can also chat with any Discord member without being friends on Discord inside a server.

Things to Configure before Discord Screen Share

Before sharing your screen on Discord, make sure your audio and video hardware is set up on Discord client. Make sure to plug in your webcam and Microphone and are working. Here’s how to check and configure them:

Webcam Setting:

  1. Go to your setting page by clicking on the icon to the right side of your profile icon on the left sidebar.

    discord screen share
  2. From the menu on the left sidebar, click on “Voice & Video” and select your input and output devices from the drop-down menu, you can also click on “Let’s Check” to check if your microphone is working or not. In Video Settings, select your webcam from the dropdown menu and click on “Test Video” to make sure your camera is working perfectly.

    discord screen share
  3. If you are using Discord from your web browser directly, then you also have to allow the camera and microphone access from the pop-up.

    discord screen share

How to Screen Share on Discord?

So now let’s talk about commonly asked questions, How do I share my screen on discord?

Well, using the Video call/Screen Share feature on Discord is really easy both on the Desktop and Smartphone versions. Below I have shared step by step guide for sharing your screen on Discord for Dekstop users. (Note: Doesn’t matter if you are a macOS user or Microsoft Windows user, you can follow the same steps we’ve shared below for desktop users).

Sharing screen on Discord using desktop App

Step 1: Click here to Download and Install the Discord desktop application on your Windows or Mac if you haven’t already and log into your Discord account.


Step 2: Open the app and click on the “Friends” tab on your left sidebar to open a list of friends. Now select a friend from the list with whom you want to share your screen.

how to share screen on discord

Step 3: Now Click on Call Icon located next to the name of the member you want to share your screen with on Discord.


Step 4: Once you are on a call screen, you can click on the monitor icon located on the left side to share your screen.


Step 5: Once you click on the Monitor icon (screen share button) a screen will pop up, now you can click on your screen located in the middle of the pop up if you want to share your entire screen or you can choose specific application windows from Application Window tab. You can also personalize the stream quality and frame rate. Now, just click on the share button to start sharing your screen with your Discord friend.

Note: Higher stream quality (1080p & Source) and frame rate (60) are locked until you upgrade your Discord account with their monthly membership.

Screen Share on Discord Main Features:

It’s been a week now since I’m using Discord for my screen sharing tasks, before that I was using Skype. Here are a few discord features worth mentioning.

1. Swapping from Video/Audio call to Screen Sharing on Discord: One of the best feature and the handiest one feature on skype was switching from Audio/Video call to screen sharing without even disconnecting from your call, found it here as well. One of the most important reasons why I’ve switched to Discord from Skype so fast.

On Skype, you can only share your entire screen but on Discord, you have options to even share any specific application window. So it’s a plus point for Discord screen sharing option, you can also transfer files while on a video call or while sharing screen on Discord with someone and this one is similar to skype.

As compared to Skype, Discord has few flaws. Like, if you want to transfer files to a Discord server, you will discover the 8MB limit in a normal free account and 50MB for Discord Nitro users. Discord Nitro is a monthly membership and will cost you $4.99/month. Now, Skype will let you upload and send files up to 300MB which is plentiful as compared to Discord and to send files bigger than 300MB Microsoft recommends using OneDrive.

2. Group Video Calling: Using Discord you can only make a group video call/share screen to up to 10 members while Skype supports making a group video call to up to 25 members.

A small but very noteworthy difference between Skype and Discord for some users.

So, Skype or Discord?

Hmm, let me help you guys make a decision.

If you are a gamer and looking for some fun with friends or want to show off your gaming skills or participate in some topics then I would highly recommend downloading and using Discord for screen sharing and other stuff.

And if you are a business guy, want to make international calls or call landlines then you should use Skype.

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