It’s been almost a decade I have been living in my gaming fantasies, however, my passion for gaming and gaming equipment keeps on growing.

For calibration, I tend to prefer games that are on the indie/artsy side, or are brutally hard, or provide good local multiplayer, or preferably all the above. My answer is strongly biased in that direction, but I do appreciate more mainstream games at times. My current top five:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Last of us
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Far Cry 4/5/New Dawn
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

I enjoy playing these games on my PC, Xbox One, and PS4 Pro (I specifically bought for Last of Us). I have invested hours of research finding the best suitable gaming hardware and gaming accessories for these games.  

IRGS is a platform that I wish I had when I was exploring different hardware and accessory options for gamers. The authors for IRGS are handpicked experts and players from the industry. They have vetted hours in researching, playing, and competing in the games. The content we write is peer-reviewed by the community before they go live.

So who are the people behind

A small, dedicated team of E-Sports and Gaming professionals work on on the daily. Our main office is in New Orleans, although we also have people working remotely from all over the world. Below we’ll introduce the core of our team in more detail.

Inception of IRGS

As a gamer, I always wanted to receive updates for all the new games that are being developed, released, and currently played. I spent most of my time gaming on the platforms that I have, Xbox One, PC, PS4, and others that I could get my hands on. I have created this website to provide my reviews and insights on the games as well as to enable other gamers from industry to guest post on this blog and share their experiences. 

Mohammad Abid – Founder

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mohammad Abid, and I was born and raised in Pakistan. Over the past years, I’ve spent a lot of time abroad traveling and working for big publications like and, various SEO Agencies, and consultancy firms.

Currently, I’m the founder and chief editor of and Founder at Growth Builders. I am as passionate about writing as I’m about video games and electronics, and my fervor has led to game and tech article contributions in a variety of online publications including,,, and

If you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Instagram @omgAbid. Want to get in touch? You can reach me by email at

Why do we write about gaming hardware?

I write about the games and the hardware used by gamers. Guest authors publish their own experience with the games as well as the gaming hardware used by industry experts. We are aiming to create posts for game reviews, gaming hardware reviews, expertise, and events. 

Gamers tend to use modern gaming hardware, including gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and gaming headphones. I have used the latest headphones from industry-leading brands such as Razer. I feel I should share my experience and research methods with readers so they can decide better.

Why do we write about gaming accessories?

Gaming accessories are difficult to choose between and to understand when you need one over others fully. With all modern games supporting Dolby Atmos and surround sound systems, you need to find the blend of performance and cost when it comes to the accessory. After all, you cannot experience a game to its fullest if your equipment does not support the software.

Gaming accessories apply to gamers on cross-platform devices. The headphones that you use for PC can be used with Xbox One, but PC and Xbox One have different specifications for software and hardware—PS is a different story. Our reviews will help you make a decision about the accessories to choose from the bundle for your selected gaming platform.

Why do we write about graphics cards and keyboards?

For a gamer, the selection of a perfect graphics card and the keyboard with all supportive buttons is a tough decision. Every generation of games introduces new animations and controllers that require modern hardware. We write about the graphics cards and keyboards that are affordable for a general audience as well as they provide a perfect quality of experience to the gamers.  

Contact Information 

You can always reach out to us for more information about any of our reviews, guides, and articles. You are welcome to leave your feedback and any suggestions that you would like to provide us with.

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